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Take Action – Virginia Good Governance Scorecard

Take Action

Explore ways you can get involved


The number one reason why candidates respond to the Good Governance Scorecard is because they care about what voters think. This scorecard puts candidates on the record so, if elected, we can hold them accountable on governance issues of concern to voters, whether it be access to the ballot box, amplifying our voices over those of deep-pocketed donors, ensuring ethical guardrails to govern legislative behavior. Some candidates only need to hear from a few voters – and some will need to hear from many. That’s where we need your help. They need to hear from their future constituents.

For Candidates

Your constituents, irrespective of party, believe that government should be run to benefit the citizens of the community and the state. They believe in transparency and accountability to voters. You can check out the other candidates who have completed the scorecard by clicking here. Are you interested in filling in the Virginia Good Governance Scorecard, send us an email and we will send you the link.

For Citizens

Step 1: Engage your candidates

The more that candidates hear from voters like you, the more likely they will take action quickly. The easiest step you can take is emailing, calling, and tweeting at your candidates to urge them to complete the scorecard — and once you’ve done that, find creative ways to further engage them. Maybe you know someone who volunteers for their campaign, or when their next online event is where they’ll be taking questions from the public. You can get started by seeing which of your candidates have gone on the record!

Step 2: Build Public Attention – Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE)

The opinion section is one of the most widely read sections of a newspaper. Your Letter to the Editor can reach a large audience including elected officials and candidates who are often monitoring public opinions. By getting published, you can help spread the word about the VA Good Governance Scorecard and the importance of these reforms.

Check out the resources below to get started. If you need help or have questions, send us an email at

Good Governance is on the ballot in Virginia.

Sign up for campaign updates and learn about what you can do to bring fair representation and equal voice to all citizens.

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